Delivery policy

Our delivery times vary according to your geographical area and the carrier making the delivery. We will notify you if we discover a problem that may prevent us from meeting the maximum legal time limit of 30 calendar days.

Delivery is made to the address you provided when placing the order. Deliveries are made Monday to Friday, during normal business hours.

Unless otherwise specified on the site during the ordering process or in the description of the products ordered, we undertake to deliver the products in Europe within a maximum legal time limit of 30 calendar days.

In Belgium and neighboring countries, we undertake to deliver within a maximum of 4 working days, while in other European countries (excluding islands and mountainous regions) the delivery time is 4 to 6 working days.

If the carrier notifies us of a delay in shipment or any other problem that may cause a delay, we will notify you by e-mail and let you know the likely waiting time and/or offer another option. The sale will be cancelled if you do not reply to this e-mail within 7 working days.

In any event, the items may be delivered on time only if the purchaser is up to date with the purchaser's obligations towards the seller, while a timely delivery may not be possible if the obligations are not being met, whatever the cause.

Late deliveries

Do not hesitate to report any delay in delivery so that we can conduct an investigation to find your package or provide a refund.

If the usual delivery time given for the country of destination is exceeded by more than 3 working days, the customer should notify the seller, so that the latter can launch an investigation procedure in-house and with the carrier, and, depending on the information received, either offer another deadline, or undertake a second shipment at the seller's own expense (it is up to the purchaser to refuse this second shipment and ask for it to be returned if the first shipment arrives in the meantime), or provide a refund.

If this new deadline is not met or is clearly not reasonable, the consumer may make a written request, within a maximum of 30 days, to cancel the sale. No complaints will be accepted after this deadline.

In the case of a termination or in the case of failure to reply to the e-mail notifying a delay / shortage of stock, the sums the consumer committed when making the order will be refunded within a maximum period of 14 days in the light of the payment for the undelivered products. This clause is not applicable if the delay is due to force majeure during the order preparation or delivery (see article in these general terms and conditions of sale on the limitation of liability). In such a case, the customer undertakes not to take legal action against the seller and waives the right to terminate the sale as provided for in this article.

Transfer of responsibility

Please note the regulatory provision that the risk of loss and damage to the products is transferred when you (or the person you have appointed) take physical possession of them.

Discrepancy during the delivery

Your package is properly packaged and insured against damage and theft, so please check the condition of the package upon receipt and refuse it if you have any doubt about its condition or contents.

Your purchases are packaged with the greatest care using appropriate protective materials. The attention we pay to packaging allows us to provide an optimum delivery service.

Shipped products are insured against deterioration and theft free of charge during the entire transport operation. You should therefore check the completeness of your order and all items in it upon receipt of the package and in the presence of the person making the delivery in order to raise a concern if necessary.

Should you notice any discrepancy concerning the external appearance of the package (tears, traces of moisture,... and other forms of deterioration) or you have any doubts about the condition or content of the order, you are obliged to refuse the goods upon receipt. The customer must mention any discrepancy on the delivery note, in the form of handwritten comments, together with the customer's signature. Any product that is refused must be returned to the carrier in its entirety and in its original packaging. We are not compelled to grant your request to exercise a right of refusal if you do not comply with these requirements.

In the event of absence

The telephone number or e-mail address you have provided will enable the carrier to contact you. If there is no delivery, you will be able to contact the carrier using the number and reference stated on the delivery note.

You will usually be offered several options for receiving your parcel:

· Ask for the parcel to be delivered a second time to the address initially given, but on the date of your choice.
· Ask for the parcel to be delivered to a new address of your choosing (date is usually a working day).

· Authorize the carrier to drop the parcel at your home or at the place you want if you are absent.

· Collect your parcel at a pick-up and go point of the carrier (see the date given on the note). In this case, there will be no further attempt to deliver your parcel.

If the package is not collected despite these options:

If your parcel is not returned to us by the delivery service, we shall contact you by e-mail after receipt of the parcel to ask you what you now want to do about the order. If you have mistakenly refused to accept the parcel or if you were absent at the time of delivery and you did not go on to retrieve the parcel from the carrier within the deadline, you will be able to ask for it to be sent back by making prior payment of the costs of sending it again. These fees must be paid even for orders for which shipping costs were free.

Warranties and after-sales service (ASS)

Please get in touch with us before returning a product for repair so that we can provide you with a return receipt and written permission. We may redirect you to an approved service centre near you. Any damage resulting from your misuse of our product will not be covered under warranty.

All our sold articles are covered by the legal warranty of fitness, the legal warranty against hidden defects and the manufacturer's warranty of 2 years (excluding consumables).

You may ask for the warranty to be exercised for hidden defects if the defects revealed did not appear at the time of purchase, predate the purchase (and therefore did not result from normal wear and tear of the product for example), and are sufficiently serious (the defect must either make the product unfit for the use for which

it is intended, or reduce this use to such an extent that you would not have purchased the product or would not have purchased it at such a price if you had been aware of the defect).

Please note that the warranty does not apply to the repair of damage after delivery resulting from a cause unrelated to the product (such as a fall, impact, oxidation, damage related to a loss,...) or from a fault that is your responsibility, including, but not limited to, misuse or an installation inconsistent with the manufacturer's specifications, use detrimental to the proper preservation of the product, use of a commercial or collective nature or the use of unsuitable accessories. Also excluded from the warranty are products altered, repaired, incorporated or added by yourself or any other person not authorised by the supplier, the replacement of parts, accessories or consumables for which regular renewal is required.

In the case of products that are inconsistent with the information provided when the products were presented on the site or have hidden defects, they will be replaced or refunded depending on the availability of similar products and your requirements.

Complaints should be made as soon as possible after discovering a defective or non-conforming product (in the case of an apparent defect on delivery, this period is a maximum of 7 days), by post or by sending an e- mail in the light of the seller's contact information. A failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of the right to complain. You should ensure that the problem in question is described in detail by attaching any information that will allow the validity of the claim to be properly assessed (for example, by substantiating it with photographs).

Upon receipt, we will proceed with the exchange operation (see return methods in the following article "return of products"). If it is impossible to exchange the product (obsolete product, out of stock,...), we will try to offer a comparable product of at least equivalent quality. Otherwise, we will provide a refund, taking into account a proportional depreciation (ratio between the operational life and the usual lifespan of the product purchased, set by agreement at 5 years).

Return of products

Due to hygiene reasons, returns and exchanges will not be accepted for panties, swim and bodysuits.

Get in touch with us before returning any products. Be careful with the packaging to ensure that the returned product is well protected. Choose the parcel tracking service available from the carrier.

Our written consent is required prior to any return. The return charges are payable by you if you exercise your right of withdrawal. They are our responsibility if the legal warranty is used. In order to ensure the request is duly processed, you are asked to attach a copy of the invoice.

Any product to be exchanged or refunded must be returned to the postal address mentioned above, as far as possible in its original packaging, in its entirety (along with any accessories and documents where applicable) and in perfect condition. All accessories should be included if applicable.

You will be required to choose suitable packaging (if the original packaging has not been kept) and to protect the items returned inside the package as carefully as they were when they were delivered.

If the above obligations are not met, you will lose your right of withdrawal / warranty and the product will be returned to you at your expense. We will not be held responsible for any defect resulting from your clumsiness or improper operations.

If the returned parcel fails to reach us, we will not be required to proceed with an exchange / refund (or repair free of charge in case of the warranty being used), unless you have chosen a parcel tracking solution available from the carrier.

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